Closing The Gap In Your Pest Control Routine

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sealing gaps in doorDid you know that the most common way pests enter your house is through gaps in your windows and doors? You should look into sealing up any gaps or entry points such as windows or doorways into your house. There are many products nowadays that do specifically this. Most doors have gaps at the sides or at the bottom. It’ll be great if you could get a door stopper or a rubber stopper that can actually seal the main gap at the bottom of any door. This will help prevent all types of other pests, not just roaches, from getting into your home.

We also suggest installing some kind of window netting if you always leave your windows open. This way, there’s still airflow while preventing pests from getting through the window area. Cockroaches especially love to hide in messy area so make sure you de-clutter your home from time to time. Boxes and unfolded clothes that are left unattended for long periods of time tend to be home to roaches. This is even more so when these areas are dark and damp.

Of course, failing all that, getting a pest control expert to apply preventative measures every couple of months is advisable. Pest control specialists have a very strong tendency to use chemical solutions for this particular purpose though. If you have any pets or children at home, make sure you get them out of the house temporarily while this process is being conducted.